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SPA901 Download
SPA921 Download
SPA922 Download
SPA941 Download
SPA942 Download
SPA962 Download
SPA932 Download


New SPA301        Video Datasheet Download
New SPA303        Video Datasheet Download
SPA501G Download


SPA504G Download
SPA508G Download
SPA509G Download
New SPA525G2          Video Datasheet Download
SPA500S Download
CP-521G/SG and CP-524G/SG Download


Phone User Guides

(New) SPA3xx IP Phone User Guide

(Localized) SPA300 IP Phone Quick Start Guide

(Localized) SPA300 IP Phone User Guides

SPA5xx IP Phone User Guide

Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA50X Quick Start Guide

Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA50X User Guide (for SIP deployment) User Guides (Localized)

Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA50X User Guide (for SPCP - UC500 deployment)

Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA525G User Guide ( for SIP deployment)

Small Business Pro IP Phone SPA525G User Guide (For SPCP - UC500 deployment)

SPA500S Attendant Console User Guide

Cisco Small Business Pro SPA500S Attendant Console Quick Start Guide (for use with SPA500 Series IP Phones)

SPA9xx IP Phone User Guide

Small Business IP Phones SPA9XX Quick Reference Guide

(Localized) SPA9XX Quick Setup GuidesSmall Business IP Phones SPA9XX User Guide

WIP310 & 52xSG IP Phone User Guides

Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone User Guide

Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone Quick Installation Guide(Localized)

Cisco Unified IP Phone 521G and 524G Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Unified IP Phone 521G and 524G User Guide

Cisco Unified IP Phone 521SG and 524SG Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Unified IP Phone 521SG and 524SG User Guide

Phone Configuration Guides

SPA3xx, 5xx, and WIP310 IP Phone Administration Guide

SPA9X2, SPA525G and WIP310 IP Phone Administration Guide

Phone Application Notes


Asterisk Collateral[misc. documentation]


Broadsoft Collateral[CPE kits and misc. documentation]



New - SPA500 Skype For SIP interoperability app note

Configuring Cisco SRST with SPA5xx IP phones

Configuring SPA5xxG Programmable SoftKey (PSK)

Screen-scrape / Screen-dump of SPA50x and SPA30x

Call Rtn / lcr / Miss Missed call return popup and related softkeys

Configuring LDAP directory search on SPA9X2 SIP IP Phones

Security in IP Telephony - Activating SIP over TLS on SPA Voice Products

SPA9X2 Photo Album display

SPA9xx Phone: How to Transfer Calls

Changing background display on SPA9X2 phones

Configuring WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone with the SPA9000 Voice System


XML Services for SPA5xxG phones

XML Services Collateral

Other Installation and Configuration documents

Push-to-talk: multicast between phones

Generating a sample configuration file for SPA Voice products

Configure SD [Speed Dial] on unused SPA9x2 line key

Configure SD [Speed Dial] on the SPA525G IP Phone

Field Notice: spacroot.crt Deprecated

Instructions for creating signed SSL Certificates for SPA Voice products[Certificate Signing Request (CSR)]

SPA-Voice Debug - Reboot Reason List

Provisioning: Cisco IP Telephony Devices Provisioning Guide

SPA-Voice Products (Remote) Provisioning Guide (Registered Partners only - password required)

Installing the Wall-Mount bracket for Cisco Unified IP Phones 521(S)G and 524(S)G

Provisioning: Disabling Automatic Provisioning by the SPA9000

SPA525G Screen Saver: Displaying photographs and graphics

SPA525G Wallpaper: Displaying photographs and graphics

Upgrading a Device Using a TFTP Server and an URL

Configuring Ring Tones for Inbound Calls

SPA50xG Quick Start Guide (Localized)

SPA525G Quick Start Guide (Localized)

SPA3xx / SPA5xx Auto Answer Page: PTT, intercom, and paging interruptions

SPA and WIP IP Phone Headset Jack Details

SPC: Creating a SPA3xx or SPA5xx Configuration File

SPA3xx/5xx Conference Bridge URL

Configuring a Logo on SPA303 and SPA50x IP Phones



Troubleshooting a SPA932 Attendant Console [Side car]

SPA troubleshooting - saving a Phone's HTML Configuration

SPA troubleshooting - extracting / pushing a Phone's XML

SPA troubleshooting - Debug and syslog Messages from the SPA3xx, SPA5xxG, SPA9xx, & WIP310 IP Phones

SPA troubleshooting - Using the slogsrv.exe Utility

Troubleshooting: SPA5xx / WIP310 MWI 410 Subscription is Already Terminated

SPA9000 Setup Wizard Not discovering SPA IP phones

Troubleshooting: SPA5xx IP phone will not hang up when call is ended by remote party

SPA5xxG IP Phone Audio Quality

Troubleshooting: SPA30x and Certificate Authority (CA)

Troubleshooting: SPA525 reboots continuously / is "bricked"

Troubleshooting: SPA525 upgrade fail code 101

Troubleshooting: SPA525G2 "Upgrade failed: upgrade not allowed, version constraint" or "Upgrade failed: upgrade to less than rev not allowed"

Troubleshooting: SPA3xx & SPA5xx Periodic Reboot After a Resync

Troubleshooting: missed-call-summary when SIP-B and CFWD Notify Serv are enabled for wrong call-control



SPA300 IP Phone Video Datasheet: YouTube [2.5 minutes]

SPA525G2 IP Phone Video Datasheet: YouTube [2.5 minutes]

SPA525G  Phone Interactive Tutorial

SPA500 Series Phone Interactive Tutorial

SPA5xx IP Phone Provisioning Options Tutorial: YouTube [4.5 minutes]

SPA5xx IP Phone Plug and Play: YouTube [3 minutes]

SPA5xx IP Phone DHCP OPTIONS [66, 159, 160, 150]: YouTube [4.5 minutes]

SPA5xx IP Phone Remote Customization (RC): YouTube [4 minutes]

SPA5xx IP Phone Boot Process Details: YouTube [8 minutes]

Licensing Information

Open Source License Notices for the SPA525G

Related Products Configuration Guides

SPA9000 Voice System Configuration Guides

SPA ATA and Gateways Configuration Guides



SPA5xx IP Phone 7.x Firmware Update Information

SPA Phone Firmware, Localization, & Tools

WIP310 Protective cover / case from zCover

SPA Phone Power Budget with ESW520-24P PoE switch

Product Warranty

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